Spoken languages: Bulgarian, English, Russian  
Currency: Bulgarian Lev BGN (1EUR≅1.96; 1USD≅1.75)  
Population: 7.5 million  
Driving: Right side  
 VAT: 20% (hotels: 9%)
 VISA: Bulgaria is an EU member state
 Dialing code: +359
 Time zone: +2 GMT

No doubt about it, Bulgaria offers a versatile shooting environment. For such a small country, you can find any kind of location, backlot or set – metropolitan, modern urban, rustic countryside, beach, mountain, snow, sand, NYC streets, London streets, Ancient Rome, Colosseum, St. Paul cathedral, Western street, Middle-Eastern town – you name it, we have it and for much less.

We provide our clients with excellent visual presentation and understand the importance of being able to respond fast and efficiently to their requirements. Our production budgets are accurate and reconciliations of actual cost are detailed and comprehensive. Bulgarian crews have developed a top reputation internationally. All technical fields are of a very high standard and broadly represented.

From locations to film equipment and production support, we offer every solution for your production needs, with an experienced, ambitious, creative, happy and friendly team who love what they do.